Burnin' Down Them Strings

Mike Leblanc
Mike Leblanc



When I was just a young boy
My momma told me son
You better do the things I said before your dad gets home
And I was thinking
There are better things to do

But When my chores were finally over, I'd hurry back into my room. 

I'd fire up my 6 string
Sitting on my bed
Tried to pick like Lee and mason 
Until my fingers bled
Cause they're  burning down them strings 

When I became a young man
I got hired in a band
Standing up on stage with a Tele in my hands and I was dreamin' 
Of all the fun and fame

And before the night was over
With our backs against the wind

Standing on the big stage
Like it was meant to be
Tryin’ to pick like Pete and Paisley
Playin’ wild and free
And we're burning down them strings. 

I'd fire up my 6 string
Sitting on my bed
Tried to pick like Lee and Mason 
Until my fingers bled
Cause they're burning down them strings 

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