So Far so Good

Mike Leblanc
Mike Leblanc



Boss told me that I'm doin’ fine
Well it’s a good thing he don't know  I was way out of line

just last night when I went out on the town 

Then I got home late, after drinking with friends, she said oh my God 
Where in the hell have you been?
I just smiled and said baby
You look great

So far so good, I'm alive and well.
I still manage to squeeze by every now and then. 
So far so good, I'm still out of the woods. 
Well I intend to live forever
So far so good. 

I jumped in my truck with no seat belt on, I ran an amber light 
She had her radar on, I just flew right passed her, then I was gone. 

Then later that night I was shootin’ some pool
When this high class redneck started acting the fool
I punched him between the eyes
Then he left me alone. 

Chorus (twice)

Well I intend to live forever

I couldn’t ask for anything better

Well I Intend to live forever

So far so good

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